Sunday, October 11, 2015

5 Oct 2015

Well since I can’t walk that well, my phsical was limited. I was fell during I played w/ my companion. Las Monday we sent to Mall and I almost ‘die’ because I need to walked around the mall. Luckily that I still have a nice life haha. We went to Bro Jerop’s and his family which is our progressing investigators. We came with Bro Jeff. The next day we had a district meeting, so all the missionaries gater together in the KDC. I asked Elder Davie to make a copy of my future card. We went to the hospital and checked with the doctor, so that the doctor said, “I probably need a crutch so its make I feel better and help my muscles rest.” Home and we chilled in the pool and that day is very nice. On Thursday we moved to the new house wich is small than our house before. We worked on it like 3 hours and more. Jeff help us a ton about that. He is the nice guy I ever meet. We went to Bro. Jerop’s house to celebrate his daughter birthday. They provided us a lot of foods and luckily that I can’t eat rice. :) Brought some food for E. Low and Nerkley. I was fine last night and the next day we went to Clinic and I got some medicines. We did a weekly planning that day.

-Basikal Elder Martindale jai ke rumah Bro. Beliang. Maya pulai ia ngasur ke basikal ia baka koloni Jepun kelia suba

-I got stomache since ate @ the Muslim cafe last thursday.

-We went to bike shop to fix Elder Martindale’s bike and he did.

-I feel not well. WE also found the monitor lizard child and his name is Jerebu.

-We were biking from Nangka to home and I felt bad so much. I got stomache. Wehn we got home I went to the bathroom like almost 20 times. I had a fever too. Asked Elder Tessers about diarrhea, and I took some medicines. On Sunday we fasted but I don’t cause I need to take a medicines. I took a naps after I ate the medicines. I played the piano “Love One Another.”

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