Monday, October 26, 2015

26 Oct 2015


  • Arise - planned to playing basketball
  • Got the PI numbers from district
  • Pull the hairs [I asked E. Martindale to do it]
  • went to buffair chicken RM22.50 each person. It’s ok lah
  • @ water front of Kuching after son and grandson got a hair cut
  • we can’t play the basket ball
  • also, went to the Chinese temple
  • Church - transferred pix with E. Martindale
  • Jerup? ayyo… we can’t make it. They @ hospital
  • Home
  • Pulled my hair + E. Martindale did!


  • Arise - had a personal study
  • Leader meeting.
  • Sister Kitchen gave a training ^^
  • Back (oh ya! we went to ????burger
  • Bother/bug/tickle E. Martindale @ car. I just realize I won’t bug him anymore for next transfer. I start to love hm so much He is my best friend.
  • Home. Take a naps. :) zzzz way nice!
  • Felt energizer knock and contact the PI
  • We did the new investigator (1) :(
  • We were hard work.
  • Got many potential inv’s/referrals
  • Feeling lazy today I oh my hash (I should fix this)
  • Home
  • Wrote a letter for Sister Lume
  • Bought Lume’s babi (E. Martindale)
  • Felt unhappy - I don’t know why?! I will fix this - sms E. Tessers to avoid stress
  • We are working w/new investigator hopefully we will get 10 at least!
  • We are so excited to do it! also the exchanges change to Thursday!

  • I will pray about my feeling. Feel a little bit awkward! Bam it! Oh my gosh! I just feeling sad and frustrated. PS - I asked E. Martindale to explain every single verses but he just skipped and jumped to another verse. It was made me little bit upset actually. Hopefully I will have a goo night. Also today we played the piano in the church, the primary one! It was so cool.


  • Arise - dusted up
  • Study - pulled hair (feet)
  • Rest for a while
  • Out @ 3pm. :( I’m so tired.
  • Blank - don’t have idea what should we do.
  • Went to the babi stall
  • Bro. Jerop & his son welcomed us to came to their stall.
  • Eat babi (ish!) just felt uncomfortable because Jerop’s always looked @ E. Martindale. They left me behind ;(
  • Home. Story about girlfriend and private stuff also we talked about Law of Chastity/ pornography. So grateful for this church
  • Out. I hit the car! Dang it. Lucky I freed (not sure)
  • Went to the fish market. Bought some margos
  • Went to Jerry’s house talked about church
  • Went to Christina’s house and the spirit was there.
  • Elder Martindale invite her mother to be baptize and she finally agree! We achieved our goals for tonight. We had 13 on date.
  • Back and full of joyful
  • Texted all the investigators.
  • Planning for the next night. Crazy stuff for E. Binford!

  • PS - Love today! I will never forget today! What the blessed day! I love the people, God & my companion! <3


  • Arise - work out little bit
  • E. Martindale feel not well.
  • Prepared # He wanna get a hair cut. We went to salon and got a hair cut.
  • Kami duai ia tadi makan ba kedai pak Somet ayam peyet. Cukup ya go nyamai mee goreng nya!
  • Sebedaunya (sebedau kami duai ia pansut) ia bendar amat ngarau aku nyu bedus tudah aku… (lari Roh Kudus)
  • Rindu ati ga begulai enggau ia.
  • Ngaga weekly planning - aku asuh ia ngatur semua WP…
  • Bendar bertundi maya WP
  • Madah ke ia aku tadi “enti dek nadai bulu sayau agi ga ko aku” “Nama diatu enda sayau ka aku” ko ia, “engka, bisi ga tang mina sayau ka jari riba dek aja!
  • udah abis udah nya bendar ka mat bertundi. Aku ngemelik ka ia, “ila enti udah abis companion aku madah ke dek bisi utai ke penting.”
  • Datai E. Hammer enggau S. Hammer/E. Ee & Binford - exchanges
  • Sium kasak amat enggau jari ia nyu melutar mbar ke aku, jerak. Nya tanda sayau.
  • Enggau E. Ee. Interview S. Sylvianie
  • Commit her to keep the commandment
  • Went to Bro. Thomas house and just the basic conerstaions.
  • Ate at SS Food stall and it was for $5.50 way expensive.
  • Home
  • Texting w/ my son. :) missed him.
  • Waiting for calling from my son! :D

  • PS Maya aku nyebut utai nya tadi ia alu madak “Aku irau dek confess diri dek gay” alu padah ku “engka”. Ila maya Zone Conference ba Singapore enti bertemu alu tama jamban tua udah nya besium. Besium ninting 3 bulan sekali. Ia pernangka ia. Runding udah dadak. Aku nadai masa ka ke ia. Udai aku nya gay! haha. mina ka ngemelik ke ia.


  • Arise - work out more than 150. I mean just 150 times.
  • Went to city one mall. Bought mass + gain weight.
  • Rain. Yahoo!
  • Handphone - E. Ee called E. Tessers and it’s way nice to hear my best buddy talking. E. Ee and I are excited to meet w/ him :)
  • Exchanges back - meet w/ E. Martindale. It was nice to see him again. :)
  • Exchanges w/ E. Low
  • Both of us shared of our thought! He was sharing about his companion and complain about it.
  • I am totally fine with /e. Martindale cause I love both of my son! :) <3
  • Went to Shellvianie, Beliang & Christina
  • The lesson goes well.
  • Coming back about 8:30pm
  • Left the pamphlet in Silus’s stall and Jerup’s stall.
  • Will do the phone call teaching when free.
  • Home - push up 40 times and build my abs. Sweat!
  • Drink the product that I just bought.

  • PS - The phone is very nice but hard to learn to use it. I told Elder Martindale everything about E. Low concern and I need to discuss w/ E. Merkley about unity in companion. That’s all! Night! :)


  • Arise - work out, following the gain weight products
  • Happy because the result already boom
  • When I asked E. Martindale during English (language study) He was frustrated to answered my questions. I thought that was fine. I just stop to asking him then. I try to be kind and offer him to translate the Malay I make& so that he knows some words that help him later in mission. About Luna & Ariel (rahasiaku drama).
  • Felt annoying when I asked him to be ready and just go after I done but he still laid down di his bed.
  • I was totally want to be kind that day. While biking to Entingan “krik2 was the sounds.” Tried to be kind.
  • Went to sister Janyah and for the first time I met Diana which is her daughter who already married with Muslims.
  • Way beautiful! Dang it…luckily I still can control myself, when I saw her that day I just remembered about one of my classmate (which is my ex-girlfriend). Her face almost look like her. Oh my gosh! I am totally missed her a lot!
  • I can’t focus @ all. Dant it! I tried to smile and made myself to be happy. Tempt…tempt…tempt…
  • Went to Dula after met w/Linot. Angek wasn’t at home
  • Went to the massage place but Jullia also wasn’t there! I am headache and head massages…million things running in my mind!
  • Nice conversation with Sister Lihot!
  • Maxwell next, after that tried to visit Chandu. They aren’t home! Dang…dang…dang it! E. Martindale talked about Diana which is look like my girl before made my feeling uncomfortable. He talked about her body and stuff, nashhh… I just ran away!
  • At home asked E. Martindale to give me a blessing because I really need it. It he still talked about Diana, I totally sensitive.
  • Talked about that with my buddy (E. Tessers) both of us just whistling also when prayer. I totally missed him so much! So excited to meet w/ him @ Singapore
  • Sleep not really well. I had a nightmare WTH!!
  • I was dream abou ghost stuff and I almost kill my beloved sister (the younger)
  • Just updated this morning.

  • PS - I am so excited to emailing this coming Monday and hopefully I get email with my parents also the one which I love, also my ex-girlfriend. I wish she’ll be fine. I missed my friends. Chill with them and I missed everything that I ever had before I go on my mission! I will probably will sad for few days. Oh ya! I texted with E. Horshburg and all goes well. It’s been a long time haven’t know his news. He is the one that the same batch w? me! He’s from Australia and the capital city of Australia (Canberra).


  • Arise - prepared
  • Church little bit late
  • Christina and her brother and sister there! Hurray!
  • Felt upset because Jerup and family wasn’t there.
  • Home - took a rest
  • Takin called and I shared w/ talking about my problem
  • Blessed Sacrament in Sister Lume House and I saw worm in their house, what the frick!!
  • Home and chill and wait till 7pm
  • Christina home. I love them even though their are still young.
  • Nice lesson! Thumb up.
  • Excited for reporting! Sister Kitchen/Willis and Sister Kitchen just got silent there :) She’s not speaking Malay and they ask me a favor to come with them in sping [actually I want to make it but I think I haven’t a sport during this 6/8 weeks past] I am so sad
  • Call and nice conversation w/Elder Call. Asked him to bring something in DM
  • Called E. Tessers last night and dia kata dia suka merjerit dan dia kata “shoping2!” and I am way excited to meet him!

  • PS - Nice + Boring day! :) I just update this morning and I wrote a letter for my family. Love the so much.

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