Sunday, December 18, 2016

19 Dec 2016

hi Guys! how are you its been so long that I didn't really share about my day int the mission. So sorry. Last monday we played bowling with the sisters and we had so much fun. Actually it wasn't a normal how to play it but we created many styles to play it and had fun. We bought some stuff for making some cookies. The next day we planned to decorate our house for Christmas. We went to swarma joint to had a lunch. We taught our recent convert and we focus on the Book of Mormon. We planned to meet with a member that wasn't active for many years and we found out their house. We just met the children and they kinda aware with us because we had their information but we did explain it. Miracles beside that, we are heading toward the ampang's church but our bus got stop by a cop and he wants to check everyone passport. SO my companion didn't bring his passport. Everyone got checked except him. The cop just passed by him and didn't ask for his document. One indonesian guy got into trouble because he doesn't get any cop in his passport. That was our miracle that my companion didn't get arested. Next day we tried to looking part member family to become our investigator but we had a hard time to find it. We did ask several people but they didn't really know. We were there about 2 hours and eventually we found it. At night we taught our investigators and they are very nice and understanding. Sister Aima called us and asked where are we but we told her that we left already. Next times we want to call her beforehand to arrange the appointment. On Thursday, we did exchanges at night. Also we made a lot of cookies. Next day during exchanges brother Jericho helped us to find the less active and we found out that they moved already and we didn't have their information. The phone doesn't work. We contacting a lot. We asked our member to accompany us, her name is sister Samaneh and her family are my favorite. Our investigator didn't show up for an hour and we decided to teach her. very simple lesson. on the 17 december we had Christmas party. Awww, so much fun. I joined the pilipino's group and sang their song. Sister Elejer, Brother Jonas Ee, my companion and I sang in Iban's song also. That was my first time enjoyed the Christmas party. On sunday we preparing to go to church and I dying because I'm sick for couple of day and I can't do anything. I got viral infection. We did contacting a lot and went home and I took a nap because I felt sick so much. 

I hope I won't get sick anymore. I hate it.

See you again next week.


Elder Gara

Sunday, December 11, 2016

12 Dec 2016

Thia Merry Christmas is so meaningful for those whose whose knows what Christmas is.

We believe that he will help us in the process if repentance. Faith can't be exercise without repentance. For those who have repentance of their sin the same is forgiven and I the LORD remember them no more (D&C 58:42). I'm grateful for the sacrament that I always take every sunday to remember about Jesus Christ and his atonement. This coming Christmas I remember the promise of GOD to all mankind, He will help us to be free and his son will reigns among all of us. Many thousands years ago Jesus Christ was born and He reigns, establish the church, administer the church, performed many miracles and accomplish the atonement. Jesus Christ obey God's commandments. I commit to myself that I will try to obeying him by strive be faithful to him. Broken heart and contrite spirit stated in Moroni 6:1-4 and D&C 20:37, Alma 12:32 God gave unto them commandments; having made known unto them the plan of redemption.Having faith in him and be faithful to him bring blessing. Enos 1:12 I will grant unto  thee according to thy desires because of thy faith. Also President Thomas S monson said in his talk a couple years ago, formula that will ensure our success 1. search scriptures with diligence 2. Plan your life with purpose 3. Teach the truth with testimony 4. Serve the lord with love. I want to emphasize the point number 4. There is no substitute for love, successful missionaries loves their companion, their mission leaders and the precious person whom they teach. It remind me to D&C 4:2,5-6.

Last monday we met a guy. His name is Kevin. We talked about Christmas. We also share about our purpose here. He kind of interested and we set appointment with him the next day. The next day he brought his friend to join us in his lesson. We found out that his fiend is Buddha. Since his friend knows english but not really that good. We taught them together. A lot new things that she doesn't know and the big word in gospel. I was help her to understand it by spoke in Chinese and she told me that my Chinese good enough for the gospel and I'm totally happy. I knew how to speak Chinese but not in the gospel, Holy spirit help me to speak and I knew its true. Also, we pray before the lesson that holy spirit my with us. I felt the spirit so strong as I testified in simple english. I knew He is there. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

5 Dec 2016

Faith to know that He's loves me is never become less but more and more. As I strive to be faithful and to see how much he loves me I come to know that He loves me not because of my strength, my good looking or my weaknesses but because all of us are children of God. I'm so grateful for that we have a hymn says this "I'm A Child Of God" it's so amazing! When we kneel down and pray to him we will ask him for the direction neither for us and others and it was mentioning in that hymn "lead me guide me walk beside me help me find the way" and He help us thru trails in Ether 12:27 state I will show them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them. Its remind me to my dream few months ago which is I will face a ton of trails neither in the mission or after the mission and before I return unto him one day. He ever said "rich blessing are in store if I but learn too do his will I'll live with him once more". That is the promise from our Heavenly Father and I grateful for the tools that He was given unto us that we should turn unto him and grow as it mentioned in I am a child of God - Teach me all that I must do to live with him someday. That's mean the teaching of Jesus Christ by his prophet, prayer, scriptures, revelations and the gift of the holy ghost and so on. I come to know that I should rely unto him more and more and repent like a little child. Sin no more. I have learn that every single scriptures, hymn and church materials help me to expand my mind unto Savior Jesus Christ and my faith even more stronger. Last few days I had a dream that I saw Elder Bednar interviewed someone and they sat on the chairs and a table but both chairs and table are standing in the air. I walked in to know what was happening and he showed up and I asked him (Elder Bednar) "How did you do that?" and he told me "With Faith nothing is impossible" and next morning I thinking about it. That was weird dream. God loves us so much and so our needs are great and he reach out in love by giving us revelation for ourselves. Help me to understand his words before it grows too late and I totally grateful for the leaders that help me to understand his meaning and apply it into my life. The sunday school teacher, elders quorum and president branch which has inspire me to do this work.p I came to know that we should JOY to do his work. In D&C 31:3 lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of our mission is come, and your tongue shall be loosed and you shall declare glad tidings of great JOY unto this generation.  

We went to investigator's house because we almost drop him, its been awhile that he hadn't meet us because too busy. 1st door that we knock was a Muslim old lady showed up, she open the door and we staring at each other about couple minutes and we have no idea what did she said (Not normal Malay language must be other tribe) and she shut the door and we were so confuse because we thought that was our investigators house, it was level 4, door end. We went to other building (Level 4, door's end) and outside of the door had an Arabic writing and we were totally confused and we thought he was move to other place. The door before them was open and the Christmas decoration so beautiful and we decided to knock that door and wanted to share a special message about Christmas. The owner of that house showed up and he is the investigators that we were looking for!!! We felt the spirit to knock that door actually. We had a great lesson and we got couple of referrals for him. One of them pretty good and very involve in the lesson.

Working with the members is not something new since church was established. I come to know that working with the clerk to get branch action list. We know that will help us soon. We build the trust and good relationship. We taught our members to use facebook and proselyting with it last few days  and he thought that was awesome. I knew it! It's going to be awesome with a lot of members involved in and we just our branch mission leader and he will copy and paste it on facebook. Now we also still working with the members information sheets. Some of the very hard to find the best time but we will make sure it will be done before next year.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

17 Oct 2016

I got a lot miracles and my faith is growing day by day. When I take over the area and try to follow the counsel of leaders I can see myself become even more involved with the missionary work. In PMG (Recognize the spirit) I learn how to pray with focus to the work. Woah! I'm grateful for PMG that make me realize the thing that I should improve on. I want to share these scriptures in Alma 7:
 11 And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people.

 12 And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.

 13 Now the Spirit knoweth all things; nevertheless the Son of God suffereth according to the flesh that he might take upon him the sins of his people, that he might blot out their transgressions according to the power of his deliverance; and now behold, this is the testimony which is in me.

 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his onlybegotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should notperish, but have everlasting life

That scripture make me realize that I should use atonement of Jesus Christ and believe in enabling power. I read my patriachal blessing the other day and I feel the spirit. It' was so powerful for me. It said "You receive many revelations as I make my journey through this mortal life." How great is that blessing. Last few day I was fasting (Personal Fasting)  to ask heavenly father will help me with something, I knew it's hard to become a reality but I still fasting for it. Some reasons that I fasting because I want to strengthen my own testimony about the book of Mormon. Sometime I still doubt about the truthfulness even though most of the time I know it's true. I was fasting that day and I got the answer thru dream. I was in some places and then I attended one meeting, eventually I got to see President Thomas S. Monson gave a talk. He said : Be thoughtful and positively and that will bless you. Very short message but it does mean a lot to me when I wake up. I should not doubt about the book of MOrmon. I know it's  true. I'm grateful for our living Prophet.


I felt prompted by the holy ghost that I should be more smarter in this work. Use my experience and apply it to this area. So I texts to all our former investigators and some of them responds to it. Once we done we are about going to new investigator's house.  When I talk with one muslim in LRT to asked referrals, one girl staring at me and smile but I felt uncomfortable, once we need to get off from that train she text us and said "Hi elder I think we just meet to each other in the train. Elder Gara said good bye to me. Who's wear the black dress its me clarrisa." and I felt I had missing that opportunity but I grateful for heavenly father that He open that former investigator heart and she set appointment with us this coming Tuesday . Yahoo. Other day I like to find Texas Chicken Restaurant I asked a lady that stood side of the road. Since we asking her and gave us direction we still didn't get it. We asking her if she is christian and she is! We taking about Christianity, the taxi driver gave her a call because she booked taxi but then she canceled it because she wants to listen to our messages. She shows us the way to get their. We met her again in the mall after she done show us the way. She referrals her husband to us. and we are able to talk a little bit about gospel to them. We are so excited to meet them again. Family!!!

Monday, September 26, 2016

26 Sept 2016

I know that my redeemer lives, that is the words that I always sing and I love it so much. I really need to be a lot of patience in my missionary work. I facing a rough times this last week but I was thinking about this is the lord work. It kind of really challenge me to do more work and test my patience. I've been so frustrated this last week. Last 3 days I got headache because thinking so much. I exercising my faith thru hymns. Now in order to make ourselves enjoy the missionary work and be happy we will work toward our goals and set a theme for our district. "O KL mountains high" refer to hymn number 34. I do really enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

12 Sept 2016

In the new testament said " Faithful and just faith without an action can't save you". I remember hymn number 219 I've been given much made me feel that I should be even more humble. I would say that I gain my testimonies according to my faith which is true but without repentance it's nothing. WE DONE NOTHING. In the book of mormon and the bible always mentioned about REPENTANCE in our lives. We have give so much that we can do to all things according to his will. In process of repentance we are really need a HUMBLE heart. Humble heart is very important to receive a revelation and to have a spirit of God. I still remember in the bible said "a rich guy are very humble to ask but very hard to keep his commandment, which is share his money to other people and to help them". Faith meaning believe that Jesus is the Christ and thru him we are able to change our heart, repentance with action, and become like Him.


This last week we brought our investigator to another potential investigators' house and to learn about Jesus Christ. While we explain with her about pray she couldn't understand it very well. Our investigator that we brought interrupted the conversation and explain to her even more and that made us impressed. He is solid investigator. Eventually, out potential investigator got it but she was so shy to pray.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

7 Mar 2016

Hello, How are you guys? what about this week? I'd been so much feel the savior love this week. That's awesome hu? haha. I would like to invite all of you to think about "what the savior done for us"? Well, this week gonna be awesome week ever! How could? As long as we work hard and invite the spirit to accompany us we'll find the happiness. 

Last monday we went to sister Dara's house and we had the best role play ever! We asked them to be a missionary and we became a potential investigators. What a flip! We felt the spirit very strong there and we taught them a lttle bit about missionary work. Also, we had a great dinner in their hose! They are so awesome. The next day  we met with 1 sabah guy named "Affah" and we taught him about the restoration and suprising thing was his girlfriend is a member of the church from Philippines and consider as LA since she moved to Malaysia. She helped us a ton in the lesson and she wants to back to the church again because she didn't know where the church is but right now she already knews it. On wednesday I was exchanges with elder Shirley. He is one of nice elder because I can see that he is brave even though his chienese not that good but he still wanna try to  talk to everyone. We working together since I also can speak chinese. We went to our investigators house and I helped him a little bit how to speak iban and malay. Sister Siti and her family is very nice members of the church. She gave me a call and she said "I didn't know what to tell and dont know what to do." and I asked her "What happened sister maybe we can help you?". Her voice kin of want to cry and she said "My sibling already gone few hours ago and I want to ask you what can I do?". We asked president first how tohelp them. So, we back to home like almost 10pm but we visited her at 9.30pm because she  just gave us a call at 9pm. We tried to make her happy and I can see that sister Siti is very sad. I didn't see her smiling and her kidding. She just silent for like 20 minutes we been there. The next day we visited one of our PI and we talked a little bit about background and found out that they are apart of my family and that's way cool. I had one of my favorite kid. She is so cute and I love her so much! On Saturday we need to do all things very deligence because we had a goal to make a foundation of Bintulu work together. So we had 22 people coming to english class. Yahoo! Lord answered our prayer!
Last Sunday, we had fasting sunday. Sister Connie shared about her life and she said she had a sugery 10 years ago and now the agreement was expired few week ago and she feeling not well right now. She shared a testimony that if the lord's wants to take her back to heaven she ready for it but since He let me alive till today because maybe He has asked me to accomplish something that  missed. She didn't cry and she way strong and she said "My faith led me to know that heavely father's plan is real." She is awesome isn't it? Also, we met with awesome family. They are Terry's family and they dont really know about the gospel and I know that they a real intent to close to God. The end of that day was, I cooked fried chicken for ending my fasting.

P/S: I learned how to understand people. Understand people is so important because that will invite the spirit always accompany us. I know that this gospel is true. I live in it and I love it. 

See you again next week!Bye now!

Elder Gara.

Singapore Mission.

Monday, February 29, 2016

29 Feb 2016

       Hello, How are you guys doing? Last week was a sick day for everyone of us. We played rugby together and it was exhausted. That is first time I made a goal for our team. 2 times goals less than 20 minutes. Feel so much good! We were looking for elder Bloem name tag because his name tag was gone while play rugby and we pray but we couldn't find it. Before go back we check it again and elder Shirley found it in the place that we been looking. At night we contacted around the church. We decide to pray and God help us. We asked us to put them in our path so that they are ready for the gospel. I love miracle! We had a cool district meeting and with a cool role play. It was help us to do missionary work even better even though we facing the same circumstances every single day. (Finding)
      The way that we go finding the new area we saw moniter lizard and it's not really big but it scared us. On wednesday we had an appointment at 11.30pm and it was with radang and we met him in the church and we shared about restoration and the important thing is Priesthood and he kind of love it. We commit him to be baptize and he said YEAH! Yahoo!!! Wonderful and we put him on date. I didn't get a lunch that time and we decided to go to time square and having a lunch there. We had a cool lessons with our investigators in miles 5. The other miracle for next day was while we want to teach our new investigator, one old lady came and starred at the pamphlet and she talked about Jesus Christ and she said "I never been to church for long time already and this is good you guys teach about Jesus Christ". We said we want to teach her but she kinda rush and we gave her pamphlet and she asked us our phone numbers and also we got her phone numbers. We are so excited to teach her. She's really nice. We had a funniest lesson with sister lily and we asked them to be a missionaries and we are Potential investigators.
          Last Sunday we were contacting in certain area that we just always pass but we decide to contacting there and we met with one of the leadership from the other church. we are so happy that they receive our messages and we were able to shared about Restoration a little bit. we love to share with them again. Also they want to meet again. 

"Knock and it shall be opened unto you".

I love being missionary!

Elder Gara.

Singapore Mission.

Monday, February 22, 2016

22 Feb 2016

Hello guys! How are you doing last week? I'm doing good here. 
Last monday I met with my best buddy Elder Tessers and he got transfer here. We went to one old lady who just moved from Miri to Tanjung Kidurong and our members brought the us (Elder Tessers, I elder Hadley and Elder Sasser). The old lady so nice, she shared a lot of her stories and she offered the closing prayer. She cried because she missed the church so much. The chinese elders got flat tire at night and they got flat at miles 5 and they need to walk to get home. The next day we had district meeting and I asked elder Shirley to give the training. Before the training, two of the chinese elders left their stuff in the meeting room and the door is lock by itself. the chinese elders wasn't able to go in and I got 1 idea and brother Alexsonlly and I out from the window to open the next window and we did! we opened that door. They are grateful for the idea. At night we wen to sister Siti house and we brought brother Antonius to come with us and yaay we did! We had a game for all of them. Treasure the scripture game. All of them enjoy it.
On wednesday we went to miles 5 and had a meeting with 4 of our investigators and we love them so much. I feel so good when I surround sister Chew meelans's family and sister Lily family and our investigators. Love them so much!
On Thurday we had a wonderful lesson with brother Cosmas and we taught him with MSL (Malaysian Sign Language) and I love sign language so much. On saturday we went to Miri and we had zone meeting and Elder Hadley and I gave a training for last minutes. We haven't prepare about it and we did it last minute. Anyways, we did it very well. We had a good time with KFC in  Miri. All of us love KFC so much!!! At night all of us sleep in the malay's elders house and elder Tessers and I slept in the chusion and elder hadley slept in  the floor with pillow and elder sasser slept in matress. 3 of us not sleep enought. Dang it.
Sunday last District Conference for everyone. We had 3 investigators and they are so awesome. we headed back to Bintulu about 2pm-6pm and we had a lot of fun with the youth in the bus. yahoo! at 7pm we contacting and we home at 8pm and preparing for report.

PS: I remembered the things that help me a lot during my mission "I glad I did not I wish I had". Many things that happenedd and some of them are not our expectation. I love that quotes and I know that as long as we rely to God all the things that we want to make for the next day, believe that God will help us! 

Thanks for you time.

Elder Gara

Singapore Mission 2015-2017

Monday, February 15, 2016

15 Feb 2016

Hello Guys How are you doing today? I'm good. Well I'm so sorry that I wasn't send you another story of my mission last week it's just because I was so busy exchanges with the AP but I will include 2 weeks of my missionary work here. OK?
Actually we had a zone activity but we don't join them. We were in sister siti's house and we made a chocolate cake. Shared some scriptures, also we brought sister Irene to the lessons. They seem enjoy it. The next day we had district meeting and we also had Alexsonlly in the meeting. We contacting a lot that whole day and we had a dinner with James's family and that was so fun.The next day I was exchanges with elder Shirley and that was so wonderful story! We meet with sister Lihot in tthe town and I'm so happy because she gave me kacama (my favorito). We were contacting in PCM and when we walking to talk to people and we found 1 deaf people and he used sign language and since I know little bit of sign language but that was in ASL and I was able to get him and we'll share with him another day. Elder Shirley seems wanted to learn about Sign Language. That's fun huh? Brother Ethan brought us to SCR for dinner and he paid for us. We were in yi chen's house and I was able to shared a kaunti lang (little bit) ad that was chinglish (Chinese english). The exchanges were done at night. I'm so happy that I can became his companion for a day. That was fun! The next day I was companion with AP (Elder Spurier) and he's nice. We met with Rover's family and we had a good lesson with him. Elder Spurier taught me a lot. we also contacting filipino people and he said " You make me impressed on you because you can spoke tagalog with them". haha. The next day still excahnges with the elder Spurier and we talked a lot about missionary work. He like to pulled out his hand and shake with another people hand. We talked with filipino girl named melody and she felt the spirit. The spirit was very strong and she cried. Exchanges back with elder Hadley at evening and we went to cosmos places, I taught him in sign language because my companion wasn't able to use any SL but he understand the sign, I guess because the sign wasn't hard to understand it. And we had a dinner in KFC and after that we went to sister Ensuma's house and had a great lessons with them. We don't have any english class because allof our student celebrate chinese new year even though for not chinese. Ayoo. On sunday, we had cosmas who is deaf came to the church and he likes it a lot. After that we went to Rover's house and taught them about endure to the end. After that we went to brother James's house and they seem had desires to learn more about Christ and I love them a lot. Brother Alexsonlly was coming with us in the lesson.

Last week, I still stay in this area. I won't be transfer to another area in the short time. I know that will happen to me. Sometimes I hate it but somehow I love it. Again we went to brother James house and taught them about 10 commandment. The next day we were in the church because it was Tuesday and we had district meeting and elder Lloyd and elder Shirley show us the way to get the potential investigators house. One of the places that they show us is deaf person. Now we had 2 deaf person. We waiting for brother Cosmas and we waiting for him like almost an hour and when we want to go to sister Dara's house and brother Cosmas just showed up and we need to teach him and we'll late for next meeting with sister Dara's and family. We were biking like 8 minutes for more than 6 miles and without stop. That was from church to sister Dara's house. Sister Dara sent us to old SKS and we met with Nelson and he is deaf too. Long conversation with him and we get home at 10 pm. The next day we caught sister Lily's in camera  and she was so silly. at night we went to funfair to get some food. On Friday we met with sister Lily and family and we had a fun game. Scriptures game. They love it so much. We had so much rejected this week plus chinese new year almost 70% of members and our investigators back to kampung. Apu! We drop very nice families but they don't want to change their church and I really love them because I can see if they want to come to our church they will be more happy. Yesterday another sad day which another big family told us they probably don't want to learn anymore but they goes so far,they keep the commandment including word of wisdom but they are not coming to the church, that made me little bit sad. Talking with them and I felt so in love with them. Somehow I think I need to be more specific pray and with real intend.

That is all for last two weeks and see you again next week.

Elder Gara.

Singapore Mission.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

1 Feb 2016

  Hello everyone? how are you doing? I'm doing good. So today I would like to share a little bit from my experienced in Bintulu about missionary work. On monday we did FHE in sister Doria's house, the FHE wasn't work well but at least we shared about the  gospel. The best moment for last week was on Wednesday. We taught brother Grambly about the law of chastity and he said lebih berzina because he doesn't understand what berzina exectly and we laughed at him. So even though we had a lot of fun but we still working hard. 

     The next day we also walking in the Bintulu town and my feet got sore but we love it because we love to talking to people and love people around us. We worked so hard this week which is the result showed that we got 11 investigators with member present and 2 other lesson and 3 new investigators. How wonderful missionary work hu? 

    On Sunday we had an investigator who will be baptize soon and he had interview in the church and we waiting for him in the church. The interview wasn't gone well just because he had limited understanding about Joseph Smith and some of deep questions. He just 11 year old anyway. I was freak out and upset so much. I just got silent and it's better don't talk so much about that. Anyways, I'm okay right now because I still remember Jesus told us in St Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemaker for they shall be called the children of God. I love that verse because we all are children of God and I would like to express my love to all of you and know that our redeemer lives. Have a good day. 

Elder Gara

Singapore Mission 2015-2017

Practice your Malay

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