Sunday, November 29, 2015

30 Nov 2015

Hello everyone? How are you doing? Last Monday we were visit members that who's less active in batu 5 (5 miles). I printed a lot of pictures and I'd out of money to pay it. I'll take it the next day! The next day, we suppose to have district meeting but my companion was sick and we'll do it another day. On Tuesday, I split with Zone Leader. Zone Leader's companion also sick. We were in the town and we did contacting a lot. At night we went to Sister Doria's house and had a dinner with them.

Wednesday - we did the DM.We were in Banana Leaf (Indian restaurant). At night we waited our LA in the chapel forever. AP's came to our house.

On Thursday was thanksgiving celebration. I have no idea about that. We had a bored weekly planning. At night we meet with Sister Kelikak at their house, and then we met with Brother Mambang's son and shared with him about repentances. We both spoke chinese and my companion lost in space. On Friday we had English calss but before that we visited Sister Siti/Irene and we had a great lessons. Sister Maggie invited us to join them dinner near by beach but we just made it @ 6pm. That day we had 24 students came to English class.

On Saturday I splited again with ZL because our companion totally die. We were in batu 5 (5 miles) we visited Sister Chewmeelan and LA's. We asked bro. Alexasily to guided us and we made it. We met with a lot of LA's and potential investigators. We were ate at Farley Court Since waiting for Senior Couple and Pres. Bobby are coming to the church.

My 2nd times for Sunday in Bintulu. I missed Samarahan a lot. I taught youth class and all of them are so funnjy. We went to 5 miles again to teach investigators, and we did it. We had a dinner at in Sister Darah's house. Nice foods. We went to President Engkamat afterward to talk about avtivity for Xmas. After done we home by Sister Darah's truck. She sent us home. I'm so excited for Monday (P-day).

PS - I never feel that excited for Monday, since I leave Samarahan. I'm so sick.

Monday, November 23, 2015

23 Nov 2015

[A note from the editor: Lawren didn't tell me to correct his English this time, so I just copied it word for word, kerana saya malas tahap government employee.]

Last Monday is my darkness day in my life. I got transfer to another part of Sarawak. The circumstances getting worst for sure. I had been crying for 5 nights in a rows and I couldn't sleep well for a week. I'm totally destroy here.

Ok, This is my week. I got transfer in Bintulu. There's has a lot of my relatives. I gave a call to president about it but I still getting transfer. I just silent for few hours and I blow my tears. Sadness!!! I remembered a quotes from E. Martindale, "life goes on." I tried to be happy even though my heart was brake. I just being crazy for all night and day. The next day (Tues) we were with normal schedule. I'm totally depressed for over a night. I'm texted President's wife about my concern. After that we were to members house to say goodbye to everyone. In evening we were in Christina's family. I don't know how much I love that family. After that we went to Brother Jeff's house. The situations was so awkward. 3 missionaries are depart afterward.

My gosh! Transfer day! Weird day! I woke up so early and shower. E. Martindale and I walked to the church to take our bike. I felt so sad and I love to be in Samarahan for 1 more transfer. I hugged Eler Merkely, Low, and Martindale. That was a sincere hug from me. Before we leaving Brother Jeff bought us some KFC stuff. I flew to Bintulu. My eyes getting hurt after a lot of cried. My 1st day in Bintulu was terrible. I meet with future missionary that is Valentine he sent me to our home. We (E. Trudo and I) had some appointment and we go for it. In the mall I accidentally met with my friend. But before that I met with my aunty and her family which is less active. Ahh! My 1st day messed up. Next day, normal schedule for missionary who wasn't trainer. I little bit depress with the schedule totally change. We went to 5 miles and met with Sister Chew Mee Lan and Lily. After that we were in Sister Doria's house. My son texted me (E. Martindale) that he was stress for that day. The next day we did the english class which is fun class. Sister Chew Mee Lan's Family named their team as Gara Team. I was in love by people here. On Saturday, we faced weird day which was Elder Lloyd and I do exchanges. We just been here about 3 days! I met with many people that day. They're filipino, Japanese, Indo, Chinese, and so on. I was so happy that I spoke tagalog, Japanese, and Indonesian with some of them. My 1st Sunday in Bintulu, people were coming to the chrch was about 49 people including missionary. I took a selfie with Sister Doria. Texted with Elder Tessers about uplifting and inspire messages. We were visiting Siti, Irene, and many other but we were able to taught two families. We were in Pres. Engkamat house. He is new Branch President and we need to support him. After that we went to Pres. Mambang's house and I met with 2 little cute girls. I love them. We are headed home. Well, seriously I'm depressed with all these things which is I need to face with my cousin, aunty, and uncle and my friend every single week.

PS - I'd been too sad. I cried about 6 days total. 5 nights in a rows and now I think I'm flu and my eyes hurt so much. I still depress with circumstances

Monday, November 16, 2015

16 Nov 2015

2 - 8 November

[disclaimer - Elder Gara asked me to correct his English]

It was a normal day, with just the regular schedule. After that we went to the church because we wanted to transfer our pictures to our hard drives. I accidentally left the keys inside the clerk’s office, but we had no idea. Then Jeff came and picked us up. We just closed the church and didn’t lock it, but we prayed before leaving so that it would all be fine. I was frustrated with the computer because it wasn’t responding while I was emailing. After emailing we went to the KDC and the sisters wished me a happy birthday. The rest of the day we went to Spring for groceries. Elder and Sister Slider helped us get home. We had dinner at Bro. Jeff’s house, and we went back home at 9:00pm. We headed to the church to make sure everything was fine and we we asked the Branch President for the keys and he gave them to us. Eventually we actually locked it! 

On the next day, we had district meeting. After we were done with that, we went to Nasi Kuning for lunch, but I was really upset with the bakso there because it wasn’t as good as it is in my hometown. We did exchanges next. I went with Elder Binford to Kota Sentosa, and I interviewed Bro. Thomas’s son. After that we went home and Elder Newing taught me how to do push ups for four minutes.

On Thursday, we did English class, but only two people showed up.

The next day we just followed our normal schedule, be we had DLC. We went to Kueh’s neighborhood and contacted the whole thing.

On Saturday, Elder Merkley was sick. We went to Matang because the ZLs assigned me to interview someone for baptism. After that I told Elder Crider that the investigator failed the interview, and he look really sad, but then I said, “JK!” He was so funny.

On Sunday, we had a nice day. We were contacting Kueh’s neighborhood again and we met with an old lady. Her name is Alice, and we just spoke in Chinese for 30 minutes and she invited us to come into her house and we did. Elder Martindale just sat down and chatted a little bit in Chinese. Then we went home, and after reporting, I talked with my great buddy, Elder Tessers. I’ve really missed him since He moved to JB.

9 - 15 November

We had a zone activity at the Sarawak Cultural Village, and I really enjoyed it. Sister Tsai taught me some Australian English. WE were done at about 1:30pm, and we went back to the KDC. We went to Bro. Jeff’s again for FHE, and we also went to Sis. Christina’s and taught them about the 10 commandments with hand motions. I’m so tired.

The Next day was Deepavali! We had district meeting and after it was all done, Bro. Paul took us to his house for his Deepavali celebration. We ate Indian food and it was so delicious, then we went to Bro. Kueh’s neighborhood again. We used English for teaching them, and after the lessons were done, Elder Martindale told me that I’d corrected two of my mistakes and that my English was really great. That was the best night and compliment I’ve ever heard.

The next day, we followed the regular schedule, and at exactly 1:30pm we were heading to an appointment, and I got in a crash on my bike and I almost fainted and couldn’t hear anything, but my trainee said that I fell off of my bike and a semi truck just passed me. In my mind, I thought, “I’m lucky that I’m still alive,” but my wrist was sprained and it hurt a lot. We got a new phone because our phone fell into water and didn’t work anymore. We went to Christina’s house and taught them about the 10 commandments and stuff.

On Friday, we had a very normal day but we did exchanges. I went with Elder Low in his area. We met with investigators who had baptismal dates — John Jong’s family. That family was really wonderful, and I love them. We went home pretty late at around 9:30pm and I went on exchanges with the ZLs. 

The next day we went to Kpg. Entingan, and we had Bro. Jeff drive us there. We went to Christina’s again and I met with a cute little girl, who was about 5 years old. I miss Olivia every time I meet her. She gave an opening prayer, and it was so cute!

On Sunday our investigators were interviewed by a zone leader and the passed! Woohoo! We had FHE at the Church in the evening. There were so many blessings this week!

Monday, November 2, 2015

2 Nov 2015


  • Regular activity
  • Church
  • Waiting for Bro. Jeff take us.
  • Syndrome fight w/ Randy and his wife
  • Syndrome like a boss.
  • Practice piano, since I not that well.
  • Emailing. # krik in the email. My mom not really show off.
  • Went to church and watched "The Other Side of Heaven"
  • Join Elder Crider and Merkley "basketball" and all the elders just chill and watch the movie.
  • Went to Servay and bought some stuff.
  • FHE in Jeff's house
  • Home
  • Simply cake/dessert
  • PS - Elder Davie felt upset after I just played around and just for fun. I feel so sorry. :( I will fix it later.
  • Jeff drove us to KDC
  • DM little bit terrible because Sister Emelia introduce herself as photographer.
  • She has nice camera. We took a lot of pics w/ that.
  • E. Martindale & I used her camera.
  • Return home.
  • Jeff come w/ us to Merdang Limau
  • Had a good lesson in Sister Christina's home.
  • Home.
  • Arise - waiting for Jeff
  • He picked us up about 8
  • The car way full.
  • Need to use proper missionary clothes.
  • flew..............
  • Singapore
  • Meet w/ my best buddy...E. Tessers - I missed him a ton!
  • We talked a lot... since we missed each other. He looked so thin.
  • Met w/ may missionaries there.
  • E. Martindale and I went to the place that called Marina Bay but we can't go to the roof. :(
  • We wondered around and so tired but worth it.
  • Back to the mission office.
  • Oh yah! E. Martindale bought me a lunch @ 4 fingers. way delicious!
  • @ the stake because the activity was start about 7:30 pm
  • Return home lately because need to meet w/ S. Simmons
  • Return home and happy.
  • sleep w/ E. Raundy.
  • PS - nyamai amat ati aku begulai enggau elder Martindale. Aku ka nanya pres enti ia ngasuh aku companion enggau ia baru maya transfer ti deka datai. Beamat2 aku andal ka nya. Sanggup aku enda trainer enti ketegal nya. Nyamai bakih enggau ia. Enda mayuh kelikuh.
  • Arise and prepare. E. Raundy shower forever!
  • My turned after E. Binford. He wasn't take a long time to shower.
  • Heading to the office and little bit late about 9:30am
  • Choir
  • @6pm-9pm the activities way fun! OMG!!!
  • E. Raundy, Chao, Marino, duckworth, Martindale, I, Sister Oboyle, Masekay are team.
  • Popping the balloons. we lost.
  • build the taller stuff also lost [doesn't work unity but we enjoyed it]
  • talked to president about favor (gift for b-day)
  • we'll pray about it
  • return home
  • shower. Sleep w/ E. cook
  • Nice night! E. Takin and Ajek feeded us w/ cake. Nash!
  • Texted E. Tessers. I totally missed him.
  • He sent a pix..(friday)
  • sleep
  • PS - I have to fix the relationship w/ e. martindale
  • Arise and shower and ready to go.
  • meet w/ his brother [E. Orgill]
  • way delicious the omelette - he bought me two doughnuts, he bought me an ice cream
  • wandered @ the botanic garden
  • headed to the airport. in the airport got the free feet massage.
  • bounce to Kuching. Hug w/ the other missionaries.
  • return home. my love [mass weight]!!
  • went to church
  • good night.
  • PS - today E. Martindale was promise that he won't transferred the pix anymore beside monday. I feel bad if I don't let him do it. He is so nice!
  • Arise and waiting for Jeff to pick us up for service project
  • we went to Senen's paddy field
  • way fun! Senen's face was stings by bees.
  • I did the roast pig! :)
  • Lunch! Nice lunch... love it so much.
  • we did the plant the paddy... way hot and nice.
  • I tried make a fun w/ E. Martindale but he wasn't responds that well and I felt something missing :(
  • We return @ home @ 12:30ish something
  • I took a naps and sleep very. I am so tired anyway.
  • I felt so lazy to biking.
  • we biked to Entirgan/Nangka
  • met S. Lihot/Banie/maxwell/chandu
  • we put them ondate. we got 17 people on date!
  • I pulled out the money because E. Tessers texted us 'support is in'
  • love the support <3
  • Tomorrow is my birthday. I haven't something special. I haven't any girlfriend to wish me happy b'day. I so excited somebody who I falling love w/ will tell me something special. I will make a big wish.
  • We have a ton of fun. finally we are the best friend [e.m. and I]
  • PS Today Banie confessed he is somking and we will help him as we can. Today I prayed so that Chandu family will put on date and 5 minutes after that they are totally agree. @ the 1st time they wasn't ready and I can saw & little bit conflict in the eye but since I pray the Lord help me. The prayer answered!!!
  • Arise and read a text from S. Nancy. She's the one who texted me in the phone exactly 12am :) following E. Tessers.
  • @ church :)
  • no investigator was coming
  • Home. fasting feel tired a lot.
  • went to brother Juni house
  • home.
  • little bit game for my b'day. E. Martindale did it.
  • sleep
  • PS E. Liddle will be jealous will my days haha.. Thanks for the stuff that you had sent to me.

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