Sunday, December 18, 2016

19 Dec 2016

hi Guys! how are you its been so long that I didn't really share about my day int the mission. So sorry. Last monday we played bowling with the sisters and we had so much fun. Actually it wasn't a normal how to play it but we created many styles to play it and had fun. We bought some stuff for making some cookies. The next day we planned to decorate our house for Christmas. We went to swarma joint to had a lunch. We taught our recent convert and we focus on the Book of Mormon. We planned to meet with a member that wasn't active for many years and we found out their house. We just met the children and they kinda aware with us because we had their information but we did explain it. Miracles beside that, we are heading toward the ampang's church but our bus got stop by a cop and he wants to check everyone passport. SO my companion didn't bring his passport. Everyone got checked except him. The cop just passed by him and didn't ask for his document. One indonesian guy got into trouble because he doesn't get any cop in his passport. That was our miracle that my companion didn't get arested. Next day we tried to looking part member family to become our investigator but we had a hard time to find it. We did ask several people but they didn't really know. We were there about 2 hours and eventually we found it. At night we taught our investigators and they are very nice and understanding. Sister Aima called us and asked where are we but we told her that we left already. Next times we want to call her beforehand to arrange the appointment. On Thursday, we did exchanges at night. Also we made a lot of cookies. Next day during exchanges brother Jericho helped us to find the less active and we found out that they moved already and we didn't have their information. The phone doesn't work. We contacting a lot. We asked our member to accompany us, her name is sister Samaneh and her family are my favorite. Our investigator didn't show up for an hour and we decided to teach her. very simple lesson. on the 17 december we had Christmas party. Awww, so much fun. I joined the pilipino's group and sang their song. Sister Elejer, Brother Jonas Ee, my companion and I sang in Iban's song also. That was my first time enjoyed the Christmas party. On sunday we preparing to go to church and I dying because I'm sick for couple of day and I can't do anything. I got viral infection. We did contacting a lot and went home and I took a nap because I felt sick so much. 

I hope I won't get sick anymore. I hate it.

See you again next week.


Elder Gara

Sunday, December 11, 2016

12 Dec 2016

Thia Merry Christmas is so meaningful for those whose whose knows what Christmas is.

We believe that he will help us in the process if repentance. Faith can't be exercise without repentance. For those who have repentance of their sin the same is forgiven and I the LORD remember them no more (D&C 58:42). I'm grateful for the sacrament that I always take every sunday to remember about Jesus Christ and his atonement. This coming Christmas I remember the promise of GOD to all mankind, He will help us to be free and his son will reigns among all of us. Many thousands years ago Jesus Christ was born and He reigns, establish the church, administer the church, performed many miracles and accomplish the atonement. Jesus Christ obey God's commandments. I commit to myself that I will try to obeying him by strive be faithful to him. Broken heart and contrite spirit stated in Moroni 6:1-4 and D&C 20:37, Alma 12:32 God gave unto them commandments; having made known unto them the plan of redemption.Having faith in him and be faithful to him bring blessing. Enos 1:12 I will grant unto  thee according to thy desires because of thy faith. Also President Thomas S monson said in his talk a couple years ago, formula that will ensure our success 1. search scriptures with diligence 2. Plan your life with purpose 3. Teach the truth with testimony 4. Serve the lord with love. I want to emphasize the point number 4. There is no substitute for love, successful missionaries loves their companion, their mission leaders and the precious person whom they teach. It remind me to D&C 4:2,5-6.

Last monday we met a guy. His name is Kevin. We talked about Christmas. We also share about our purpose here. He kind of interested and we set appointment with him the next day. The next day he brought his friend to join us in his lesson. We found out that his fiend is Buddha. Since his friend knows english but not really that good. We taught them together. A lot new things that she doesn't know and the big word in gospel. I was help her to understand it by spoke in Chinese and she told me that my Chinese good enough for the gospel and I'm totally happy. I knew how to speak Chinese but not in the gospel, Holy spirit help me to speak and I knew its true. Also, we pray before the lesson that holy spirit my with us. I felt the spirit so strong as I testified in simple english. I knew He is there. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

5 Dec 2016

Faith to know that He's loves me is never become less but more and more. As I strive to be faithful and to see how much he loves me I come to know that He loves me not because of my strength, my good looking or my weaknesses but because all of us are children of God. I'm so grateful for that we have a hymn says this "I'm A Child Of God" it's so amazing! When we kneel down and pray to him we will ask him for the direction neither for us and others and it was mentioning in that hymn "lead me guide me walk beside me help me find the way" and He help us thru trails in Ether 12:27 state I will show them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them. Its remind me to my dream few months ago which is I will face a ton of trails neither in the mission or after the mission and before I return unto him one day. He ever said "rich blessing are in store if I but learn too do his will I'll live with him once more". That is the promise from our Heavenly Father and I grateful for the tools that He was given unto us that we should turn unto him and grow as it mentioned in I am a child of God - Teach me all that I must do to live with him someday. That's mean the teaching of Jesus Christ by his prophet, prayer, scriptures, revelations and the gift of the holy ghost and so on. I come to know that I should rely unto him more and more and repent like a little child. Sin no more. I have learn that every single scriptures, hymn and church materials help me to expand my mind unto Savior Jesus Christ and my faith even more stronger. Last few days I had a dream that I saw Elder Bednar interviewed someone and they sat on the chairs and a table but both chairs and table are standing in the air. I walked in to know what was happening and he showed up and I asked him (Elder Bednar) "How did you do that?" and he told me "With Faith nothing is impossible" and next morning I thinking about it. That was weird dream. God loves us so much and so our needs are great and he reach out in love by giving us revelation for ourselves. Help me to understand his words before it grows too late and I totally grateful for the leaders that help me to understand his meaning and apply it into my life. The sunday school teacher, elders quorum and president branch which has inspire me to do this work.p I came to know that we should JOY to do his work. In D&C 31:3 lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of our mission is come, and your tongue shall be loosed and you shall declare glad tidings of great JOY unto this generation.  

We went to investigator's house because we almost drop him, its been awhile that he hadn't meet us because too busy. 1st door that we knock was a Muslim old lady showed up, she open the door and we staring at each other about couple minutes and we have no idea what did she said (Not normal Malay language must be other tribe) and she shut the door and we were so confuse because we thought that was our investigators house, it was level 4, door end. We went to other building (Level 4, door's end) and outside of the door had an Arabic writing and we were totally confused and we thought he was move to other place. The door before them was open and the Christmas decoration so beautiful and we decided to knock that door and wanted to share a special message about Christmas. The owner of that house showed up and he is the investigators that we were looking for!!! We felt the spirit to knock that door actually. We had a great lesson and we got couple of referrals for him. One of them pretty good and very involve in the lesson.

Working with the members is not something new since church was established. I come to know that working with the clerk to get branch action list. We know that will help us soon. We build the trust and good relationship. We taught our members to use facebook and proselyting with it last few days  and he thought that was awesome. I knew it! It's going to be awesome with a lot of members involved in and we just our branch mission leader and he will copy and paste it on facebook. Now we also still working with the members information sheets. Some of the very hard to find the best time but we will make sure it will be done before next year.

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