Sunday, January 31, 2016

1 Feb 2016

  Hello everyone? how are you doing? I'm doing good. So today I would like to share a little bit from my experienced in Bintulu about missionary work. On monday we did FHE in sister Doria's house, the FHE wasn't work well but at least we shared about the  gospel. The best moment for last week was on Wednesday. We taught brother Grambly about the law of chastity and he said lebih berzina because he doesn't understand what berzina exectly and we laughed at him. So even though we had a lot of fun but we still working hard. 

     The next day we also walking in the Bintulu town and my feet got sore but we love it because we love to talking to people and love people around us. We worked so hard this week which is the result showed that we got 11 investigators with member present and 2 other lesson and 3 new investigators. How wonderful missionary work hu? 

    On Sunday we had an investigator who will be baptize soon and he had interview in the church and we waiting for him in the church. The interview wasn't gone well just because he had limited understanding about Joseph Smith and some of deep questions. He just 11 year old anyway. I was freak out and upset so much. I just got silent and it's better don't talk so much about that. Anyways, I'm okay right now because I still remember Jesus told us in St Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemaker for they shall be called the children of God. I love that verse because we all are children of God and I would like to express my love to all of you and know that our redeemer lives. Have a good day. 

Elder Gara

Singapore Mission 2015-2017

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