Sunday, January 24, 2016

25 Jan 2016

Hello!! How are you doing today? Okay this week I will going to share about my experienced as missionary that serve in Singapore Mission (Malaysia and Singapore). Well, it is interesting isn't? haha.I'm so sorry I don't have enough time to share with you guys about my another experience but I can do it right now. 

Okay. I will going to share about my last zone conference in singapore. Woah! My companion and I were in Singapore at last sunday and we spent there like almost 5 days and that quite fun because I love singapore the most.It's nice country but I still don't have any opportunity to serve there. Last sunday I flew to KLIA-Changi Airport and it's fun because I love airlines haha. We were lives with the AP's and ZL's. When we were arrived in Singapore I don't have a problem with the immigration but my companion did (they were talking about nationality and misunderstanding -White American aka Asian American??!! !@#$%&##@!!!) haha. That was funny. LOL. The next morning we played badminton together that was my 1st in my entire mission! OMG! I'm missed badminton so bad! Anyway, The game was quite fun actually. We did the daily missionary schedule in the morning and we went to Chinatown and emailing there. I missed all my friends when I got theirs email. =( Almost every week I got 99 inbox in the email and I felt to sick with that. In Chinatown I bought souvenir to my parents and I hope that they will love it. We wandered around Singapore and my feet got tired. We just heading to Singapore Stake and I got packages from my friends and I still waiting packages from my family (Because I came early so I need to wait till this wednesday). I met with Elder Tessers and he grab me and said "Elder Gara I couldn't believe that I will see you here!" he was so happy to see me. well, we are best friend. In the evening we had a meeting and it was training by the senior couple (Talked about the book of mormon). The next day we had zone activities. The zone activities took like forever but that was the best! The thing that I got in Zone conference was about recipe from president and sister Simmons. They're so awesome isn't. The next day was wednesday and I just couldn't wait all of my friends that from east are coming and I missed them a lot. 1 of them are my sons. Elder Martindale seems happy to see in the Zone Conference but I just felt little bit guilty. He's using the planner that I created to him and that made me happy and he's nice elders. Even though I was his trainer but I learn a lot from him. He's seems awesome, isn't it?  We'll miracle that I have seen last  week was I'm able to felt God's spirit. I will going to say that I was feel the spirit when Elder and Sister Benson taught about The Book Of Mormon because I knew that is true. After we got here in Bintulu we were teaching the siti's and her friends(the investigators) about  restoration and I felt the spirit very strong and I never felt that strong spirit touched me to saying about Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, Holy Ghost and Joseph Smith. How wonderful that we guide by the holy spirit and the thing was even though I had been taught a lot of investigators and members about that and the spirit was there but this is my 1st I felt the spirit really strong and I almost cry. The spirit was there. Another miracles was in Singapore, I was walking with elder Caroline to Subway because my companion gone split with another elder because the zone leaders in Singapore asked them to do that (contacting in some area in singapore). I need to have a companion so that I won't have to be alone to subway.I talked to a Philippines guy and both of us spoke in tagalog and the conversation was about 30 minutes long and eventually I tried to asked him for phone numbers but he seems like he doesn't want to give me but he said "You are very good elder and you know that I'm really need the gospel." Also he said the he will give us a call so I just wrote him my email address and my phone numbers. This is my first contacting that somebody that told me "I need the gospel." I still hoping that he will give me a call soon. That was so miracle experienced isn't it? Well, that's it. we'll see next week 


Elder Gara.

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