Monday, February 22, 2016

22 Feb 2016

Hello guys! How are you doing last week? I'm doing good here. 
Last monday I met with my best buddy Elder Tessers and he got transfer here. We went to one old lady who just moved from Miri to Tanjung Kidurong and our members brought the us (Elder Tessers, I elder Hadley and Elder Sasser). The old lady so nice, she shared a lot of her stories and she offered the closing prayer. She cried because she missed the church so much. The chinese elders got flat tire at night and they got flat at miles 5 and they need to walk to get home. The next day we had district meeting and I asked elder Shirley to give the training. Before the training, two of the chinese elders left their stuff in the meeting room and the door is lock by itself. the chinese elders wasn't able to go in and I got 1 idea and brother Alexsonlly and I out from the window to open the next window and we did! we opened that door. They are grateful for the idea. At night we wen to sister Siti house and we brought brother Antonius to come with us and yaay we did! We had a game for all of them. Treasure the scripture game. All of them enjoy it.
On wednesday we went to miles 5 and had a meeting with 4 of our investigators and we love them so much. I feel so good when I surround sister Chew meelans's family and sister Lily family and our investigators. Love them so much!
On Thurday we had a wonderful lesson with brother Cosmas and we taught him with MSL (Malaysian Sign Language) and I love sign language so much. On saturday we went to Miri and we had zone meeting and Elder Hadley and I gave a training for last minutes. We haven't prepare about it and we did it last minute. Anyways, we did it very well. We had a good time with KFC in  Miri. All of us love KFC so much!!! At night all of us sleep in the malay's elders house and elder Tessers and I slept in the chusion and elder hadley slept in  the floor with pillow and elder sasser slept in matress. 3 of us not sleep enought. Dang it.
Sunday last District Conference for everyone. We had 3 investigators and they are so awesome. we headed back to Bintulu about 2pm-6pm and we had a lot of fun with the youth in the bus. yahoo! at 7pm we contacting and we home at 8pm and preparing for report.

PS: I remembered the things that help me a lot during my mission "I glad I did not I wish I had". Many things that happenedd and some of them are not our expectation. I love that quotes and I know that as long as we rely to God all the things that we want to make for the next day, believe that God will help us! 

Thanks for you time.

Elder Gara

Singapore Mission 2015-2017

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