Monday, February 29, 2016

29 Feb 2016

       Hello, How are you guys doing? Last week was a sick day for everyone of us. We played rugby together and it was exhausted. That is first time I made a goal for our team. 2 times goals less than 20 minutes. Feel so much good! We were looking for elder Bloem name tag because his name tag was gone while play rugby and we pray but we couldn't find it. Before go back we check it again and elder Shirley found it in the place that we been looking. At night we contacted around the church. We decide to pray and God help us. We asked us to put them in our path so that they are ready for the gospel. I love miracle! We had a cool district meeting and with a cool role play. It was help us to do missionary work even better even though we facing the same circumstances every single day. (Finding)
      The way that we go finding the new area we saw moniter lizard and it's not really big but it scared us. On wednesday we had an appointment at 11.30pm and it was with radang and we met him in the church and we shared about restoration and the important thing is Priesthood and he kind of love it. We commit him to be baptize and he said YEAH! Yahoo!!! Wonderful and we put him on date. I didn't get a lunch that time and we decided to go to time square and having a lunch there. We had a cool lessons with our investigators in miles 5. The other miracle for next day was while we want to teach our new investigator, one old lady came and starred at the pamphlet and she talked about Jesus Christ and she said "I never been to church for long time already and this is good you guys teach about Jesus Christ". We said we want to teach her but she kinda rush and we gave her pamphlet and she asked us our phone numbers and also we got her phone numbers. We are so excited to teach her. She's really nice. We had a funniest lesson with sister lily and we asked them to be a missionaries and we are Potential investigators.
          Last Sunday we were contacting in certain area that we just always pass but we decide to contacting there and we met with one of the leadership from the other church. we are so happy that they receive our messages and we were able to shared about Restoration a little bit. we love to share with them again. Also they want to meet again. 

"Knock and it shall be opened unto you".

I love being missionary!

Elder Gara.

Singapore Mission.

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