Tuesday, September 13, 2016

12 Sept 2016

In the new testament said " Faithful and just faith without an action can't save you". I remember hymn number 219 I've been given much made me feel that I should be even more humble. I would say that I gain my testimonies according to my faith which is true but without repentance it's nothing. WE DONE NOTHING. In the book of mormon and the bible always mentioned about REPENTANCE in our lives. We have give so much that we can do to all things according to his will. In process of repentance we are really need a HUMBLE heart. Humble heart is very important to receive a revelation and to have a spirit of God. I still remember in the bible said "a rich guy are very humble to ask but very hard to keep his commandment, which is share his money to other people and to help them". Faith meaning believe that Jesus is the Christ and thru him we are able to change our heart, repentance with action, and become like Him.


This last week we brought our investigator to another potential investigators' house and to learn about Jesus Christ. While we explain with her about pray she couldn't understand it very well. Our investigator that we brought interrupted the conversation and explain to her even more and that made us impressed. He is solid investigator. Eventually, out potential investigator got it but she was so shy to pray.

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