Sunday, March 6, 2016

7 Mar 2016

Hello, How are you guys? what about this week? I'd been so much feel the savior love this week. That's awesome hu? haha. I would like to invite all of you to think about "what the savior done for us"? Well, this week gonna be awesome week ever! How could? As long as we work hard and invite the spirit to accompany us we'll find the happiness. 

Last monday we went to sister Dara's house and we had the best role play ever! We asked them to be a missionary and we became a potential investigators. What a flip! We felt the spirit very strong there and we taught them a lttle bit about missionary work. Also, we had a great dinner in their hose! They are so awesome. The next day  we met with 1 sabah guy named "Affah" and we taught him about the restoration and suprising thing was his girlfriend is a member of the church from Philippines and consider as LA since she moved to Malaysia. She helped us a ton in the lesson and she wants to back to the church again because she didn't know where the church is but right now she already knews it. On wednesday I was exchanges with elder Shirley. He is one of nice elder because I can see that he is brave even though his chienese not that good but he still wanna try to  talk to everyone. We working together since I also can speak chinese. We went to our investigators house and I helped him a little bit how to speak iban and malay. Sister Siti and her family is very nice members of the church. She gave me a call and she said "I didn't know what to tell and dont know what to do." and I asked her "What happened sister maybe we can help you?". Her voice kin of want to cry and she said "My sibling already gone few hours ago and I want to ask you what can I do?". We asked president first how tohelp them. So, we back to home like almost 10pm but we visited her at 9.30pm because she  just gave us a call at 9pm. We tried to make her happy and I can see that sister Siti is very sad. I didn't see her smiling and her kidding. She just silent for like 20 minutes we been there. The next day we visited one of our PI and we talked a little bit about background and found out that they are apart of my family and that's way cool. I had one of my favorite kid. She is so cute and I love her so much! On Saturday we need to do all things very deligence because we had a goal to make a foundation of Bintulu work together. So we had 22 people coming to english class. Yahoo! Lord answered our prayer!
Last Sunday, we had fasting sunday. Sister Connie shared about her life and she said she had a sugery 10 years ago and now the agreement was expired few week ago and she feeling not well right now. She shared a testimony that if the lord's wants to take her back to heaven she ready for it but since He let me alive till today because maybe He has asked me to accomplish something that  missed. She didn't cry and she way strong and she said "My faith led me to know that heavely father's plan is real." She is awesome isn't it? Also, we met with awesome family. They are Terry's family and they dont really know about the gospel and I know that they a real intent to close to God. The end of that day was, I cooked fried chicken for ending my fasting.

P/S: I learned how to understand people. Understand people is so important because that will invite the spirit always accompany us. I know that this gospel is true. I live in it and I love it. 

See you again next week!Bye now!

Elder Gara.

Singapore Mission.

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