Sunday, December 18, 2016

19 Dec 2016

hi Guys! how are you its been so long that I didn't really share about my day int the mission. So sorry. Last monday we played bowling with the sisters and we had so much fun. Actually it wasn't a normal how to play it but we created many styles to play it and had fun. We bought some stuff for making some cookies. The next day we planned to decorate our house for Christmas. We went to swarma joint to had a lunch. We taught our recent convert and we focus on the Book of Mormon. We planned to meet with a member that wasn't active for many years and we found out their house. We just met the children and they kinda aware with us because we had their information but we did explain it. Miracles beside that, we are heading toward the ampang's church but our bus got stop by a cop and he wants to check everyone passport. SO my companion didn't bring his passport. Everyone got checked except him. The cop just passed by him and didn't ask for his document. One indonesian guy got into trouble because he doesn't get any cop in his passport. That was our miracle that my companion didn't get arested. Next day we tried to looking part member family to become our investigator but we had a hard time to find it. We did ask several people but they didn't really know. We were there about 2 hours and eventually we found it. At night we taught our investigators and they are very nice and understanding. Sister Aima called us and asked where are we but we told her that we left already. Next times we want to call her beforehand to arrange the appointment. On Thursday, we did exchanges at night. Also we made a lot of cookies. Next day during exchanges brother Jericho helped us to find the less active and we found out that they moved already and we didn't have their information. The phone doesn't work. We contacting a lot. We asked our member to accompany us, her name is sister Samaneh and her family are my favorite. Our investigator didn't show up for an hour and we decided to teach her. very simple lesson. on the 17 december we had Christmas party. Awww, so much fun. I joined the pilipino's group and sang their song. Sister Elejer, Brother Jonas Ee, my companion and I sang in Iban's song also. That was my first time enjoyed the Christmas party. On sunday we preparing to go to church and I dying because I'm sick for couple of day and I can't do anything. I got viral infection. We did contacting a lot and went home and I took a nap because I felt sick so much. 

I hope I won't get sick anymore. I hate it.

See you again next week.


Elder Gara

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