Sunday, March 5, 2017

6 Mar 2017

Building faith as a foundation to my testimony is so important . As the time of old the house of Israel will fast as they wanted to asking help from God. I do really know that fast is the best way to receive the answer. I would say fast also encourage us to do what's right and we can feel the present of God close to us. I was fasting for many days. In my fasting I included the prayer either I need to extend my mission or not. I was so surprising when He does answered my prayer thru dream. I want to share little bit about that. You were calling me as a ZL there and interviewing me about that and when I said "I want to extend my mission." you were agree with that and in my dream I have no clue why do I need to mentioned that. Once I wake up I'm thankful for the revelation that he has given unto me as I faithful to serve his children. I'm still study and focus to the assignments that you gave to us last week. I found out the coolest things about the creation of heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 


We have more than 70+ attendance last week. I'm so grateful for the blessing that heavenly Father gave us. 7 investigators in sacrament meeting and we have like 20+ priesthood came. Now we are really focus to bring back the lost sheep and finding people thru the Gold Mines. I testify the Miri 2nd is on FIRE now. We saw couple of inactive coming to the church after the first visit and sharing about their testimony and the restoration of the gospel.

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