Monday, November 2, 2015

2 Nov 2015


  • Regular activity
  • Church
  • Waiting for Bro. Jeff take us.
  • Syndrome fight w/ Randy and his wife
  • Syndrome like a boss.
  • Practice piano, since I not that well.
  • Emailing. # krik in the email. My mom not really show off.
  • Went to church and watched "The Other Side of Heaven"
  • Join Elder Crider and Merkley "basketball" and all the elders just chill and watch the movie.
  • Went to Servay and bought some stuff.
  • FHE in Jeff's house
  • Home
  • Simply cake/dessert
  • PS - Elder Davie felt upset after I just played around and just for fun. I feel so sorry. :( I will fix it later.
  • Jeff drove us to KDC
  • DM little bit terrible because Sister Emelia introduce herself as photographer.
  • She has nice camera. We took a lot of pics w/ that.
  • E. Martindale & I used her camera.
  • Return home.
  • Jeff come w/ us to Merdang Limau
  • Had a good lesson in Sister Christina's home.
  • Home.
  • Arise - waiting for Jeff
  • He picked us up about 8
  • The car way full.
  • Need to use proper missionary clothes.
  • flew..............
  • Singapore
  • Meet w/ my best buddy...E. Tessers - I missed him a ton!
  • We talked a lot... since we missed each other. He looked so thin.
  • Met w/ may missionaries there.
  • E. Martindale and I went to the place that called Marina Bay but we can't go to the roof. :(
  • We wondered around and so tired but worth it.
  • Back to the mission office.
  • Oh yah! E. Martindale bought me a lunch @ 4 fingers. way delicious!
  • @ the stake because the activity was start about 7:30 pm
  • Return home lately because need to meet w/ S. Simmons
  • Return home and happy.
  • sleep w/ E. Raundy.
  • PS - nyamai amat ati aku begulai enggau elder Martindale. Aku ka nanya pres enti ia ngasuh aku companion enggau ia baru maya transfer ti deka datai. Beamat2 aku andal ka nya. Sanggup aku enda trainer enti ketegal nya. Nyamai bakih enggau ia. Enda mayuh kelikuh.
  • Arise and prepare. E. Raundy shower forever!
  • My turned after E. Binford. He wasn't take a long time to shower.
  • Heading to the office and little bit late about 9:30am
  • Choir
  • @6pm-9pm the activities way fun! OMG!!!
  • E. Raundy, Chao, Marino, duckworth, Martindale, I, Sister Oboyle, Masekay are team.
  • Popping the balloons. we lost.
  • build the taller stuff also lost [doesn't work unity but we enjoyed it]
  • talked to president about favor (gift for b-day)
  • we'll pray about it
  • return home
  • shower. Sleep w/ E. cook
  • Nice night! E. Takin and Ajek feeded us w/ cake. Nash!
  • Texted E. Tessers. I totally missed him.
  • He sent a pix..(friday)
  • sleep
  • PS - I have to fix the relationship w/ e. martindale
  • Arise and shower and ready to go.
  • meet w/ his brother [E. Orgill]
  • way delicious the omelette - he bought me two doughnuts, he bought me an ice cream
  • wandered @ the botanic garden
  • headed to the airport. in the airport got the free feet massage.
  • bounce to Kuching. Hug w/ the other missionaries.
  • return home. my love [mass weight]!!
  • went to church
  • good night.
  • PS - today E. Martindale was promise that he won't transferred the pix anymore beside monday. I feel bad if I don't let him do it. He is so nice!
  • Arise and waiting for Jeff to pick us up for service project
  • we went to Senen's paddy field
  • way fun! Senen's face was stings by bees.
  • I did the roast pig! :)
  • Lunch! Nice lunch... love it so much.
  • we did the plant the paddy... way hot and nice.
  • I tried make a fun w/ E. Martindale but he wasn't responds that well and I felt something missing :(
  • We return @ home @ 12:30ish something
  • I took a naps and sleep very. I am so tired anyway.
  • I felt so lazy to biking.
  • we biked to Entirgan/Nangka
  • met S. Lihot/Banie/maxwell/chandu
  • we put them ondate. we got 17 people on date!
  • I pulled out the money because E. Tessers texted us 'support is in'
  • love the support <3
  • Tomorrow is my birthday. I haven't something special. I haven't any girlfriend to wish me happy b'day. I so excited somebody who I falling love w/ will tell me something special. I will make a big wish.
  • We have a ton of fun. finally we are the best friend [e.m. and I]
  • PS Today Banie confessed he is somking and we will help him as we can. Today I prayed so that Chandu family will put on date and 5 minutes after that they are totally agree. @ the 1st time they wasn't ready and I can saw & little bit conflict in the eye but since I pray the Lord help me. The prayer answered!!!
  • Arise and read a text from S. Nancy. She's the one who texted me in the phone exactly 12am :) following E. Tessers.
  • @ church :)
  • no investigator was coming
  • Home. fasting feel tired a lot.
  • went to brother Juni house
  • home.
  • little bit game for my b'day. E. Martindale did it.
  • sleep
  • PS E. Liddle will be jealous will my days haha.. Thanks for the stuff that you had sent to me.

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