Monday, November 16, 2015

16 Nov 2015

2 - 8 November

[disclaimer - Elder Gara asked me to correct his English]

It was a normal day, with just the regular schedule. After that we went to the church because we wanted to transfer our pictures to our hard drives. I accidentally left the keys inside the clerk’s office, but we had no idea. Then Jeff came and picked us up. We just closed the church and didn’t lock it, but we prayed before leaving so that it would all be fine. I was frustrated with the computer because it wasn’t responding while I was emailing. After emailing we went to the KDC and the sisters wished me a happy birthday. The rest of the day we went to Spring for groceries. Elder and Sister Slider helped us get home. We had dinner at Bro. Jeff’s house, and we went back home at 9:00pm. We headed to the church to make sure everything was fine and we we asked the Branch President for the keys and he gave them to us. Eventually we actually locked it! 

On the next day, we had district meeting. After we were done with that, we went to Nasi Kuning for lunch, but I was really upset with the bakso there because it wasn’t as good as it is in my hometown. We did exchanges next. I went with Elder Binford to Kota Sentosa, and I interviewed Bro. Thomas’s son. After that we went home and Elder Newing taught me how to do push ups for four minutes.

On Thursday, we did English class, but only two people showed up.

The next day we just followed our normal schedule, be we had DLC. We went to Kueh’s neighborhood and contacted the whole thing.

On Saturday, Elder Merkley was sick. We went to Matang because the ZLs assigned me to interview someone for baptism. After that I told Elder Crider that the investigator failed the interview, and he look really sad, but then I said, “JK!” He was so funny.

On Sunday, we had a nice day. We were contacting Kueh’s neighborhood again and we met with an old lady. Her name is Alice, and we just spoke in Chinese for 30 minutes and she invited us to come into her house and we did. Elder Martindale just sat down and chatted a little bit in Chinese. Then we went home, and after reporting, I talked with my great buddy, Elder Tessers. I’ve really missed him since He moved to JB.

9 - 15 November

We had a zone activity at the Sarawak Cultural Village, and I really enjoyed it. Sister Tsai taught me some Australian English. WE were done at about 1:30pm, and we went back to the KDC. We went to Bro. Jeff’s again for FHE, and we also went to Sis. Christina’s and taught them about the 10 commandments with hand motions. I’m so tired.

The Next day was Deepavali! We had district meeting and after it was all done, Bro. Paul took us to his house for his Deepavali celebration. We ate Indian food and it was so delicious, then we went to Bro. Kueh’s neighborhood again. We used English for teaching them, and after the lessons were done, Elder Martindale told me that I’d corrected two of my mistakes and that my English was really great. That was the best night and compliment I’ve ever heard.

The next day, we followed the regular schedule, and at exactly 1:30pm we were heading to an appointment, and I got in a crash on my bike and I almost fainted and couldn’t hear anything, but my trainee said that I fell off of my bike and a semi truck just passed me. In my mind, I thought, “I’m lucky that I’m still alive,” but my wrist was sprained and it hurt a lot. We got a new phone because our phone fell into water and didn’t work anymore. We went to Christina’s house and taught them about the 10 commandments and stuff.

On Friday, we had a very normal day but we did exchanges. I went with Elder Low in his area. We met with investigators who had baptismal dates — John Jong’s family. That family was really wonderful, and I love them. We went home pretty late at around 9:30pm and I went on exchanges with the ZLs. 

The next day we went to Kpg. Entingan, and we had Bro. Jeff drive us there. We went to Christina’s again and I met with a cute little girl, who was about 5 years old. I miss Olivia every time I meet her. She gave an opening prayer, and it was so cute!

On Sunday our investigators were interviewed by a zone leader and the passed! Woohoo! We had FHE at the Church in the evening. There were so many blessings this week!

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