Monday, November 23, 2015

23 Nov 2015

[A note from the editor: Lawren didn't tell me to correct his English this time, so I just copied it word for word, kerana saya malas tahap government employee.]

Last Monday is my darkness day in my life. I got transfer to another part of Sarawak. The circumstances getting worst for sure. I had been crying for 5 nights in a rows and I couldn't sleep well for a week. I'm totally destroy here.

Ok, This is my week. I got transfer in Bintulu. There's has a lot of my relatives. I gave a call to president about it but I still getting transfer. I just silent for few hours and I blow my tears. Sadness!!! I remembered a quotes from E. Martindale, "life goes on." I tried to be happy even though my heart was brake. I just being crazy for all night and day. The next day (Tues) we were with normal schedule. I'm totally depressed for over a night. I'm texted President's wife about my concern. After that we were to members house to say goodbye to everyone. In evening we were in Christina's family. I don't know how much I love that family. After that we went to Brother Jeff's house. The situations was so awkward. 3 missionaries are depart afterward.

My gosh! Transfer day! Weird day! I woke up so early and shower. E. Martindale and I walked to the church to take our bike. I felt so sad and I love to be in Samarahan for 1 more transfer. I hugged Eler Merkely, Low, and Martindale. That was a sincere hug from me. Before we leaving Brother Jeff bought us some KFC stuff. I flew to Bintulu. My eyes getting hurt after a lot of cried. My 1st day in Bintulu was terrible. I meet with future missionary that is Valentine he sent me to our home. We (E. Trudo and I) had some appointment and we go for it. In the mall I accidentally met with my friend. But before that I met with my aunty and her family which is less active. Ahh! My 1st day messed up. Next day, normal schedule for missionary who wasn't trainer. I little bit depress with the schedule totally change. We went to 5 miles and met with Sister Chew Mee Lan and Lily. After that we were in Sister Doria's house. My son texted me (E. Martindale) that he was stress for that day. The next day we did the english class which is fun class. Sister Chew Mee Lan's Family named their team as Gara Team. I was in love by people here. On Saturday, we faced weird day which was Elder Lloyd and I do exchanges. We just been here about 3 days! I met with many people that day. They're filipino, Japanese, Indo, Chinese, and so on. I was so happy that I spoke tagalog, Japanese, and Indonesian with some of them. My 1st Sunday in Bintulu, people were coming to the chrch was about 49 people including missionary. I took a selfie with Sister Doria. Texted with Elder Tessers about uplifting and inspire messages. We were visiting Siti, Irene, and many other but we were able to taught two families. We were in Pres. Engkamat house. He is new Branch President and we need to support him. After that we went to Pres. Mambang's house and I met with 2 little cute girls. I love them. We are headed home. Well, seriously I'm depressed with all these things which is I need to face with my cousin, aunty, and uncle and my friend every single week.

PS - I'd been too sad. I cried about 6 days total. 5 nights in a rows and now I think I'm flu and my eyes hurt so much. I still depress with circumstances

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