Sunday, November 29, 2015

30 Nov 2015

Hello everyone? How are you doing? Last Monday we were visit members that who's less active in batu 5 (5 miles). I printed a lot of pictures and I'd out of money to pay it. I'll take it the next day! The next day, we suppose to have district meeting but my companion was sick and we'll do it another day. On Tuesday, I split with Zone Leader. Zone Leader's companion also sick. We were in the town and we did contacting a lot. At night we went to Sister Doria's house and had a dinner with them.

Wednesday - we did the DM.We were in Banana Leaf (Indian restaurant). At night we waited our LA in the chapel forever. AP's came to our house.

On Thursday was thanksgiving celebration. I have no idea about that. We had a bored weekly planning. At night we meet with Sister Kelikak at their house, and then we met with Brother Mambang's son and shared with him about repentances. We both spoke chinese and my companion lost in space. On Friday we had English calss but before that we visited Sister Siti/Irene and we had a great lessons. Sister Maggie invited us to join them dinner near by beach but we just made it @ 6pm. That day we had 24 students came to English class.

On Saturday I splited again with ZL because our companion totally die. We were in batu 5 (5 miles) we visited Sister Chewmeelan and LA's. We asked bro. Alexasily to guided us and we made it. We met with a lot of LA's and potential investigators. We were ate at Farley Court Since waiting for Senior Couple and Pres. Bobby are coming to the church.

My 2nd times for Sunday in Bintulu. I missed Samarahan a lot. I taught youth class and all of them are so funnjy. We went to 5 miles again to teach investigators, and we did it. We had a dinner at in Sister Darah's house. Nice foods. We went to President Engkamat afterward to talk about avtivity for Xmas. After done we home by Sister Darah's truck. She sent us home. I'm so excited for Monday (P-day).

PS - I never feel that excited for Monday, since I leave Samarahan. I'm so sick.

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