Wednesday, April 12, 2017

10 April 2017

I'm grateful for the blessing that I got to hear the voice of our beloved prophet and some speakers that answers my questions. I prepared with some question in my head before watch the conference and it was wonderful when my question got answered. Lately I was inspired by PMG about the door of repentance to members and investigators. Extend the commitments is apart of missionary's work however testifying the truth and promise the blessings is the door for them to wonder how did we have the blessings? Yesterday we had a cool experience with an investigator and that was awesome. She knew what is our purpose and she meet with us with a purpose. My faith is increasing as I have my personal study and companionship study along with the master's way program. Prayer is my habit and I always pray and be humble in prayer help me a lot. When I pray for others I feel peace and I can see the path of the Lord. He has provide me such the way that I'd expected.

Last time we taught an investigator that so solid! We will teach their family soon. Yaay! She is willing to do things such as prayer, read and come to the church. She understand a lot about our purpose. When we taught her, we connect her with heavenly Father. Example: we were teaching about prayer, and we ask them if there was God sit next to you are going to talk to him? I'm sure they will going to say YES. They would probably said "I will tell him everything or even confess with tears.". After that she said "That's mean I need to pray 3 times a day." and I said it's better more and as you sincere. I thought that was a powerful example to use.

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